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Mask Ear Loop Machine
Product Details
Machine Type

Mask Ear Loop Machine

Spindle gauge


Process material

Nylon + Spandex

Operating mode

Manual operation

Per-section spindles


Per-unit section numbers

≤ 5 Section

Standard spindle number

100 spindles


Max 4500 meters per spindle

Needle choice



1.Based on different specifications of needles, hollow belts with different specifications can be woven.

2. It is suitable for weaving elastic mask belt / rope or non elastic clothing and footwear rope and other ingredients.

3. Simple operation, easy to use.

4.One spindle can produce 4500 meters of mask rope in 24 hours, and the consumption of one mask is 0.4 meters.

Machine Details
Application Field
It is suitable for the weaving of elastic mask belts / mask ropes or non-elastic clothing shoe ropes and other ingredients.
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