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DX258X Chenille Making Machine
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DX258X Chenille Making Machine

DX258X Chenille Making Machine

DX258X Chenille Machineis a new energy-saving high-speed new machine developed by our company on the basis of extensively absorbing customer experience and similar models. While continuously innovating, it also constantly updates and improves the old equipment, making this chenille machine's production capacity and performance far exceed other domestic chenille machines on the market.


1. High-speed motor rotates smoothly, with low noise and small speed difference. Continuous improvement on the original equipment, now the rotation speed of DX258X Chenille machine rotary head can reach 7000-24000 rpm.

2. The core rollers and output rollers are driven by the synchronous feed motor, with smoother rotation, lower noise and lower head breakage rate.

3. Ring spindle adopts high-speed spindle, the spindle speed is stable and reliable, and the spindle speed can reach 10000 rpm.

4. The lifting motor is driven by a synchronous feed motor with a precision reducer, which is precise and reliable in winding forming and easy to unwind;

5. The rotation speed of the rotary head, core roller, output roller and ring spindle can be adjusted steplessly, the process adjustment is convenient and fast, and it can automatically stop when the yarn is full, which is convenient for doffing.

6. Single spindle single control, by changing the corresponding process parameters on the touch screen, convenient and fast.

DX258X Chenille Making Machine

Spindle pitch


Number of spindles

One side is based on 10 spindles, 100 spindles can be spliced in sections

Spindle control

One control two

Spindle motor selection



Spindle speed


Whole lift

240mm Adjustable

Lifting speed

Adjustable, using frequency converter and programmable controller

Rotating head speed


Winding speed


Suitable count


Roller diameter


Ring inner diameter




Transfer method

Two spindles with one spindle

Input power and total capacity


Machine size

The head length is 880mm x 700mm x 1400mm.

Body section length 2010mm x 1200mm x 2500mm

Chenille machine uses
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