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DX321S Heat-set Twisting Machine
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Application highlights: Add a heat-setting box above the double-twisting spindle of the double-twisting machine, heat-set the twisted yarn after twisting directly, and then perform winding molding. Using double-twist direct heat setting technology, heat setting of twisted filament monofilament, using heat setting constant temperature and constant speed, to improve the setting effect. The vacuum heat setting process of the original double-twist follow-up is saved, and labor and electricity are saved.

DX321S Heat-set Twisting Machine

Model Number

Type I(DX321S-290)

Type Ⅱ(DX321S-360)

Spindle gauge



Process material

Staple / Fiber

Operating mode


Per-section spindles

14 Spindles

12 Spindles

Per-unit section numbers

≤12 Section

≤12 Section

Yarn count range

300 ~ 800 Filaments

300~2400 Filaments

Spindle speed



Twist range


(Feed in) Winding size

Customer Specified

Winding bobbin size

Customer Specified

Winding weight



Winding speed


Spindle selection


Winding   bobbin

Customer Specified

Power confinguration

According to different configurations, the power configuration is 18.5KW ~ 30KW

Standard spindle number

140 Spindles

120 Spindles

Overall size

Length * width =23700*960

Length * width =25000*960


1. This machine is the back-end processing model developed by our company for the initial twist V series, which is mainly used for supporting the initial twist V series and DTY loose tube forming.

2. The machine is equipped with a loose winding system, which can directly form the package into a loose tube for dyeing.

3. The winding forming adopts electronic integrated control, the process is replaced, and the adjustment is easily achieved.

4. Yarn sizing is equipped with single-filament and double-filament sizing hot box, which is suitable for the processing of special craft yarn.

5. Automatic oiling can be customized according to customer needs.

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