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Dongxing is a technology manufacture specializing in fiber and yarn processing. We work with customers to provide intelligent and practical solutions to help our customers achieve their business goals.
Dongxing currently has two major business departments, the machine-make  
department and the Yarn Processing Business department. The Spinning Division customizes high-quality fiber to yarn automation solutions for customers. The Yarn Processing Division provides customers with solutions for twisting and developing new products.

Technical team
Exclusive service
Company Culture

Our core values have always guided us and brought us together. At Dongxing, the five simple but powerful core values unite us. Core values guide our daily interaction with customers, partners, supervisors and colleagues. These values drive us to provide our customers with the best products and experiences.

We understand our customers' current and future needs.

We create real value for our customers.

We are committed to establishing long-term partnership.

We always pursue excellent quality.

We continually optimize our processes and value chains.

We actively create a corporate culture of continuous learning and continuous improvement.

Core Values

Pursue Excellence

Customer Premise

Dongxing Laboratory

In our technical testing department, we will spin your material according to your specific requirements, and you can observe it on site. In this way, you can understand the potential of the Dongxing equipment you will use in advance, take full advantage of this advantage, and benefit from our consultation to open a new perspective with our support.

Energy saving
As an environmentally conscious company, we aim to make our products more energy efficient. In addition to reducing the energy consumption costs of our customers, it also allows customers to invest in equipment that maintains sustainable production. This is indispensable considering the difficulties faced by the society in recruiting workers.
With continuous innovation in research and development capabilities, we make our customers more profitable by improving the flexibility and capacity of our products and saving raw materials. Our machines are becoming smarter and less dependent on people, greatly reducing costs for customers.
Qualifiation Honor
Enterprise Environment
We have two major business divisions under the production plant, the spinning division and the yarn processing division.
Social Responsibility
Dongxing Textile repays society with gratitude and actively fulfills its social responsibilities. It does its best in public welfare and charity such as poverty alleviation, cultural education, charity assistance, environmental protection, and volunteer services, and reflects Dongxing Textile's sense of social responsibility with practical actions.
Voluntary Services
Environmental Protection
Poverty Relief
Cultural Education
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